Wanna see some Projects?

Symfony Backend Server

A simple Rest-API that allows you to get a List of certain cars and drivers. Nothing all to fancy but you can play around with it. Check out the Documentation for a list of valid inputs

Angular Frontend

An fast Angular4 Application for showing data from the REST server in a nice and responsive way. Added some comparison methods and charts to make everything a bit more fancy.


A Platform for listening to music and creating your own music videos. This was my Master project but sadly, it was never finished to version 1.0. This is merely a prototype.


A small web application for getting a quick overview over wikipedia articles and how high they are rated according to our rating system. Click around and have some fun!


A mobile application we built in our second master semester for scanning products and instantly getting feedback through virtual realtiy. Sadly this application does not work with any supported android versions anymore, so a quick documentation has to suffice.